Our programme takes juniors from complete beginners to elite athletes


TPI stands for Titleist Performance Institution. It is the blueprint of what we teach. Our coaches are all TPI qualified in level 1 and junior level 2. The qualification provides the knowledge and tools to understand what It takes for juniors to go from a complete beginner to elite athlete if they choose to.

Our sessions are a little different to old school coaching. We implement warm ups, stretches, mini games and competitions. We set up various stations working on fundamental movements, golf specific movements and physical development. The stations get progressively harder and specialise more in golf technique as the junior gets older. Juniors attention span is very short so it’s important to rotate round and keep it fun and active.

We work on things like speed, power and balance – all key to an efficient golf swing. Kids need to hit the ball hard if they wish to reach the top and that starts from an early age.

The whole programme runs from our very own custom app. The app tracks their skills with fun skills cards and provides feedback and training videos to continue to improve.



  • Green Reading
  • Speed Control
  • Alignment
  • Technique

Finesse Wedges (Chipping and Pitching)

  • Distance Control
  • Different Flights/Spin
  • Force Control
  • Technique

Full Swing

  • Grip, Posture, Alignment
  • Ball Position, Stance, Balance, Swing
  • Technique

Course Management

  • Tactics
  • Club Selection
  • Risk-Reward



Ages 4-7 years. Learn all fundamental movement skills. Participation once or twice per week in golf school, but three to four times per week in other sports.


Ages 7-10 years. Learn all fundamental sports skills, start to develop golf-specific skills and narrow participation in organized sports to three sports.


Ages 10-14 years. Focus on golf skills and playing. Narrow organised participation to two sports. Build the aerobic base and build strength towards the end of the phase.

Platinum/Green Elite

For ages 14+ years/single figure handicaps. Focus on competition and learning to win. Participation should be limited to just golf. All aspects of the game should be addressed. Focus on goal setting, conditioning and optimal performance.



Shires Junior Golf Tour

KJ Golf feed into the Shires Junior Golf Tour. The tour runs a series of junior events at wonderful venues around the Midlands. It is the perfect way to take the skills learnt in the academy to new, interesting and exciting venues to compete against other juniors. 

Market Harborough Golf Club Membership

Joining the golf club enables you to play on the course, gain a handicap and play in competitions in the the thriving junior section and with the adults too.

Sport USA

We work closely with scholarship specialists Sport USA. If you are looking to take your game seriously we can coach and mentor you to follow your dreams.


Ages 4-7 years – Bronze
Ages 7-10 years – Silver
Ages 11-14 years – Gold
Ages 14+ years – Platinum
Green Elite 

Green Elite is for single figure golfers aspiring to be at the top of the game. You must demonstrate the skill and attitude level required in your age group academy and it is by invitation. Only once the coaches are satisfied will you be added to this elite group. 

We categorise our sessions into age groups, not ability. A lot of what we work on require similar physical and mental development. That said, when we work on golf specific challenges we split into ability pairings.

We advice attending both academy classes and having one private session a week.

We prioritise group coaching over private tuition at a younger age.

We understand the importance of developing physical movements and fundamental sports skills before specialising too much at golf at a young age. Youngster’s need to learn to run, jump and throw a ball before they can be expected to chip over a bunker to a tight flag or drive the ball 300 yards!

Leave it to the pros! Too often we see parents too pushy, too obsessed with technique and giving very poor information which can really hinder their development. Our pros will ensure they are working on what they NEED to work on at their age.