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Kegan Jamieson is Head of Golf recruitment for Sport USA. They specialise in sport scholarships in America and help you reach your highest potential with an opportunity to attend a USA University/College.

The individually designed programmes provide bespoke recruitment to Student-Athletes of all levels.
We can provide this level of service to only a number of athletes annually. So why wait, start your journey with us now. This service goes far beyond helping you fill in the application form (although, we do also do this!) and we guide you through every step of your university sporting experience.



Olivia Church
Year 2024

Alex James
Year 2021


The cost of a scholarship depends on grades and standard of golf. The better your grades and the lower your handicap then you will lower the fees. Our job is to make sure you get into the best college possible for the cheapest price!

No! Kegan works for Sport USA and can recruit you from anywhere in the world. That said, being part of KJ Golf Academy prepares you for college golf.

We advice attending both academy classes and having one private session a week.

We prioritise group coaching over private tuition at a younger age.

We understand the importance of developing physical movements and fundamental sports skills before specialising too much at golf at a young age. Youngster’s need to learn to run, jump and throw a ball before they can be expected to chip over a bunker to a tight flag or drive the ball 300 yards!

Leave it to the pros! Too often we see parents too pushy, too obsessed with technique and giving very poor information which can really hinder their development. Our pros will ensure they are working on what they NEED to work on at their age.