Check out what our app and the skills cards are about


Our app is custom built to KJ Golf needs. you can book, track skills cards, watch videos and more! We have used many programmes and platforms in the past but none ever really fulfilled everything we need. In 2023 we decided to create our own and make it in app form.


Our app follows a custom built programme that we have created. Coaches have all of the carefully crafted session plans to follow which will ensure they are keeping your sessions fun and engaging. The coaches will also input data into the app to update the players profiles. They will also be able to upload any bespoke videos and content to address a players needs.


Players can view their skills cards, revisit session plans and view a library of warm ups, exercises, drills, games and more. You can even use the app to provide feedback, book private lesson and enter Shires Tour Tournaments.


Log In
Each player/parent has their own members area.

Skills Cards 
Each player will have their very own LIVE skills card. This will highlight their skills score out of a maximum of 99.

Compare yourself to other academy members and battle for top spot!

Training Material
Each player has access to a library full of drills and games to improve each skill in their own time.

Each player will be able to track their progress for each skill using the cool tracker feature.

Test Input
Coaches can easily input test results and update a players skills card.

Booking System
Join an academy, book your next private session or check in on the app.


Our fun skills cards help players understand what they need to work on outside of coaching sessions. It helps parents physically see where the players ability level is and helps coaches determine when to move a player up in the ability groups.

You are rated out of 99 in each skill. The average of all skills combined gives the overall score. We used our knowledge, PGA Tour stats and Trackman technology to create the tests. You receive boosts depending on which group you are in. For example, the Bronze group receive 40% boosts making the tests easier to get a higher score. The top group receive no boost and are compared to the average PGA Tour Professional! We think it’s a fantastic way to compare yourself to the best in the world and inspire you to keep working hard.

The Colours

The colour levels dictates your development group. Our groups range from bronze (4-7 years), silver (7-10 years), gold(11-14 years), platinum (14+ years) all the way into Green Elite (14+ years and single figure handicap). We base our groups on physical and emotional developmental age until they reach teenage years.

If you receive a score less than 25 on a skill there is room for improvement . If you receive a score of 75 or higher that is great – keep it up!

KJ GOlf App


Our specially designed app is the perfect way to track progress, view drills and games to improve and book your next lesson in.

The skills card is the perfect way to highlight your strength and weaknesses to give you a better understanding of what you need to do lower your handicap and shoot better scores.


FREE for active academy members. Certain features will be locked if you are just using it for bookings.

The app is designed compliment our academy sessions. Ladies, Men, Seniors and of course Junior Academies.

That said, anyone looking to improve will benefit from our fantastic videos inside the app.

The core of the app is the skills card. The skills card shows you just how good you are at each vital skill in golf- putting, chipping, pitching, bunkers, irons, driver, speed and power.

You can look at drills and games inside the app to improve on your weak areas. You can also track your progress, compare against others and book your next private session and/or academy session!

Every month KJ Golf will test your skills in the academy sessions. The coach will then update the relevant skill inside your skills card.

You cannot update the card it must be done by a qualified KJ Golf coach.

If you are not part of an academy you an book a private skills testing session so you can still get involved. 

Who will have the best skills card?